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Hello, and welcome! As an editor at Hallmark, my days are filled with creation and the question "how do we make something people need?" This is for the overflow. For the stories of empowered women who will never make it to the cover of Time. The experiences of a young newlywed trying to navigate her world. The passions that take place outside of 9-5, Monday through Friday. (Which is good news for you, all things considered.) Keep exploring for interviews, free printables, and design commissions. It's everything you never asked for— and then some.


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about shelby

This is me! An English honors graduate of Asbury University, I'm currently an editor at Hallmark's corporate offices in Kansas City. Writing and design are in my blood. I've been published in regional publications throughout Kentucky, online, and of course, have work in Hallmark Gold Crown stores. I'm fueled exclusively by chai lattes and sweet tea, and the mantra for my projects is "anything that helps a woman with her hustle."

my interview series

On my blog I feature an interview series titled "Empowered Women." These interviews showcase the stories of unsung female badasses working in male-dominated fields. Currently on the blog are my talks with women working in higher education, women of color in STEM, and Hispanic women trying to find their place in the online community. You can find them by clicking the image above. Are you a woman working in a male-dominated field or do you know a woman who is? I'd love to interview you! Visit my contact page for more information!

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my writing

In case you missed it, I'm an editor for Hallmark Cards. No, I don't write cards, but you'll find me sprinkled all over the store! Pick up a Keepsake Ornament Club box, sniff a candle, or read some instructions and you've seen my work! Outside of the content I make for Hallmark, I'm currently working on a new poetry collection, and revamping my award-winning collection "The Sunday Arcade." If all goes according to plan, they'll both be available for sale this fall on Amazon.

my etsy

Just like every other semi-professional millennial out there, I have an Etsy shop! If you're interested in handmade jewelry, printable worksheets, or inclusive design templates—feel free to pop on over. Click on the image above to be taken directly to my shop, or search for Willow Farm Co. on Etsy.

need something that's all your own?


Does your resume need a serious makeover from the template you made in high school? Are you launching a brand or starting a business and need impressive business cards or stickers? New worksheets and handouts for the students in your classroom? Highlight icons for your Insta or icon for your Etsy? Handouts and printed materials for a special event? It's possible for you to have all that and more when you commission a template or design from me. The best part? All of my pricing is based off of the product's worth, never the labor. I got a day job, this is just something I love to do. Meaning that you can get detailed, custom designs for a fraction of the cost that you'd typically have working one on one with a designer. Feel free to contact me through my Etsy shop or fill out the form below!


free to print to your heart's content

Experienced in designing anchor charts, curriculum worksheets, and event handouts.  Curriculum sheets were utilized for an Adolescent Literature course.  Anchor charts were distributed in Wellington Elementary school. Occasionally you'll see other freebies like Oscar score sheets and such floating around, so be sure to check here often!  Please contact for free use of already designed educational resources!


where i'm going, where i've been


Published in Laurel Literary Magazine, Explore Jessamine, and Asbury Review.  Credited in published children's book Nano for editing services.  Served as Editor in Chief for Odyssey Online for the 2016-2017 academic year.  Read past content by following this link!  Currently employed as an editor at Hallmark Cards Inc.  Most recent work present in Hallmark Gold Crown stores everywhere for Toe of a Kind: Next Steps socks and Keepsake Ornament Club Dreambox.